Roof void surveys - fire risk

Our roof void fire risk surveys not only identify any potential fire risk and possible spread of fire, but also identify any other non fire related issue that may be of concern.


We identify all roof void fire risks such as

  • Voids where there is no compartmentation whatsovever
  • Compartment wall penetrations
  • Non fire rated soffits and fascias
  • Unauthorised access and storage
  • Faulty or poor state of repair electrical wiring
  • Non fire rated halogen downlighters
  • Pests, such as wasp nests, rodents such as mice, rats or squirells, pigeons, etc
  • Soil stacks
  • Roof access doors/hatches
  • Resident DIY

There are numerous potential risks posed by the roof void and if not addressed, can both cause fire as well as enable any fire to spread. We have carried out hundreds of roof void surveys and not only provide the fire risk assessment report post survey, but also provide architectural drawings, specifications of work as well as project management support.


In buildings that do not have adequate protection to the roof void, the consequences can be dramatic and can enable any fire to spread very quickly.


If you would like any additional information regarding our roof void surveys, please do contact us.

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